VR & AR Experiences

CollectiveFlow helps you bridge the virtual and the real world!
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is on the rise, and will impact the way we learn, interact, experience products and explore the world. Imagine that you are able to present your products in near-photorealistic virtual surroundings, giving the customer the ability to interact and explore not-yet implemented products and features.
CollectiveFlow offers consultancy, implementation and operations of your VR/AR solution.

High-end software systems

CollectiveFlow delivers high-end software systems at CMMI Level 3 & 5, as well as consultancy in the disciplines of converting needs and business plans into concrete specifications and products.
We provide agile software and systems expertise on an onsite, offsite or mixed-model basis, supported by the necessary quality assurance to ensure that you build the right system and the system is built right.
CollectiveFlow offers Systems Engineering services as well as to educate and mature your organization according to IEC/ISO 15288 and INCOSE standards.

IT infrastructure

CollectiveFlow delivers IT infrastructure services as professional services, as well as managed services.
Our professional services aim at bridging the deep technical understanding with the business knowledge for the best benefit of our customers. This includes introduction of new architectures, transformation of old systems/infrastructures as well as infrastructure auditing.
The portfolio is extended with managed services, where CollectiveFlow by partnering with key players in the market, can provide infrastructure monitoring, operation, maintenance and auditing.

Business transformation and advisory

CollectiveFlow catalyzes a process within your company, where we gather and structure your domain knowledge and your company DNA. With this concentrated knowledge, we transform it into scope of work, a series of requirements and the change management needed.
We link idea, business and technology.
To know how – it to know why.

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