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VR Experience

The vision of Denmark’s leading teambuilding company, CoastZone, is to set new standards for teambuilding experiences and human development. To be the leading player in a market oblige you to be ambitious in what you do, and CoastZone always leads the way.

Embracing new technology to engage their customers is an integrated part of the CoastZone culture, and since CollectiveFlow has previously delivered compelling VR experiences to CoastZone, it was logical to turn to us when they wanted to raise the bar even further.

Coastzone - Multiuser Vr Teambuilding Experience

The Challenge

Connecting in person has been at the core of traditional team building. But as working together online has become a natural and inevitable part of our work life, CoastZone wanted to supplement its offerings with a virtual stage. So how do you translate the CoastZone spirit and philosophy of motivation and unity, into the virtual world?

The Approach

CollectiveFlow is all up for the concept of serious play and delivered a turnkey multiplayer VR solution, where more than 30 players can meet, explore and develop their teambuilding skills – even when they are in different parts of the world. It’s a taste of the Metaverse.
The participants can talk to each other, give each other hugs and high five while they become familiar with VR. When they enter the reception area, the participants can choose their respective teams and move to the experience rooms, where they jointly solve different tasks.
Gamemasters can supervise and communicate with the participants from a tablet, and everything is optimized so that the participants experience presence and tactility.

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