The future is right at hand

(But the full potential is only reached, when we start by understanding your why)

We are storytellers who ignites your narrative. Through digital dissemination, we bring your message to life, with present, visual communication.

In the virtual universe you can be anyone and anywhere – only imagination sets the boundaries for what can be created and simulated. Travel back in time, visit the most beautiful places on earth, learn how to fly or operate a new machine. Train employees in difficult scenarios or watch your dream house come to life in front of you. 

We can make you laugh and cry. Squeal of happiness or scream in terror. We can invent new universes and let the user experience locations and creatures that doesn’t exist. We can manipulate nature forces and make people levitate, swim or climb the highest mountains.

The virtual layer creates new possibilities for visualization. CollectiveFlow has a wide experience in many different lines of industries, where we create strong visualization though digital media.

All our solutions have a few things in common: They need to be simple, flexible and create biggest possible value for you and the people receiving the experience.

We work with networks on both a personal and technological level. This assures that we always understand you and design solutions that creates long lasting value for your business. 

CollectiveFlow works with a range of specialized technologies. The tools are decided by what experience and story you want to tell.

Building Blocks

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Virtual reality lets the user step into another world. The digital universe can be accessed via glasses, tablet, computer or mobile, depending on the format. See some of the VR experiences we have created her.


Augmented reality mixes the physical and digital world through a lens / filter. Through glasses, mobile or tablet, the digital layer can enrich and prolong the physical world.

Filters and lenses

Most people are familiar with the format from Snapchat Instagram and other Social Medias, where you can use filters to change the real world. The app is used with the mobile camera to manipulate the image.


With this technology you can record or livestream movies / pictures that allow the viewer to experience the full surroundings on their own. From a display device, they can drag around the image to change angles and position.

Projection mapping

Projection mapping allows the physical and digital worlds to meet. Via animated projections on surfaces or objects, you can bring dead objects to life.


Do you want to make movies or pictures with elements that either do not exist at all or only partially exist? We create animated films in both abstract and photorealistic formats.


Screen solutions

Your animations or interactive experiences can be brought to life with fixed screen installations that fit into your framework. Give your visitors a special meeting with intelligent use of screens.


This format allows you to follow changes over a longer period of time, in just a second. By playing with tempo and angles, you can disseminate complex processes easily and visually.