The future is right at hand

(But the value only comes, when we start by understanding why)

CollectiveFlow works with specialized technologies, which you can read about here. The technological tools are always decided by what experience and story, you want to tell,

All solutions has a few things in common. They need to be simple, flexible and create biggest possible value for you and the people receiving the experience.

We work with networks. Both on personal and technological level. This assures us in always understanding you and designing solutions that creates long term value for your business.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technological media, that makes it possible to experience and be present in a alternative virtual world. Through glasses, tablets or other screen-based solutions, VR gives creative opportunities for strong storytelling. 

In virtual reality you can be anyone and anywhere – only imagination sets the boundaries for what can be created and simulated. Travel back in time, visit the most beautiful places on earth, learn how to fly or operating a new machine. Train employees in difficult scenarios or see your dream house come to life in front of you. 

We can make you laugh and cry. Squeal of happiness or scream in terror. We can invent new universes and let the user experience places and creatures that doesn’t exist. We can manipulate nature forces and make people levitate, swim or climb the highest mountains.

Virtual reality creates new possibilities for visualization. Collective flow has a wide experience in many different lines of industries, where we create strong visualization though Virtuel Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and 360-degree experiences.

Netværk / IOT

Network are the backbone of modern building installation.

A network installation is far more, than just an internet connection. It is the lifeblood for all AI equipment. A complete network should deliver both access to the internet and servers, meanwhile being the future highway for controlling light, heat, ventilation and more.

At CollectiveFlow we build network systems that makes sense in synergy with the building and its users. 

Our vision is to erase the borders between construction technology and infrastructure, to create sustainable solutions, that makes sense in the long run. Both economical, personal and in terms of resources.

We create efficient system management, via IoT thinking, where we include everything that can be measured and automated. Both to minimize resource waste, but also to enable a higher level of economic management which creates long term value for your business.