What should your stakeholders experience, in order to understand your brand even better?

CollectiveFlow is a creative design and engineering hub. We create new market understanding and -possibilities by combining the newest technical advantages, our experiences and enthusiasm.

We use soft- and hardware but always add understanding of what brings people together. Whether it is in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360-degree experience – or any other media is not the defining detail. It is to make results that moves you. 

Everyone can create new solutions with new technology. Valuable solutions has another starting point – the people you want to do or be someone or something to.

That’s why we begin by understanding your story, your values, your challenges and your product. Thereafter we build the flow to the collective understanding, moving status quo: CollectiveFlow.

By asking WHY we make your new brand experience more entertaining and engaging. It will give food for thought and leave your audience with a better understanding of how your brand feels.


Efface the borders between the digitale and the physical world


CollectiveFlow solutions gives you a new and exciting reality – created in your own image. Let’s talk about what your best experience can be.


Amdi CEO.

Amdi is co-founder and partner at CollectiveFlow. His background as an electrical engineer and his heavy technical experience has given him an unique profile as a digital business developer.

With his strong technical background as a basis, he works on erasing the borders between construction technology and infrastructure.

With an explorativ approach and high professionalism, he creates network solutions – always with the end user in mind.

Jørgen CDO.

Jørgen is co-founder and partner at CollectiveFlow. His background as an electrical engineer and many years of experience in a wide range of industries, gives him a solid foundation as a creative technologist.

The last few years, at CollectiveFlow he has developed and executed high quality virtual user experiences – ranging from cultural and architectural to industrial.

Jørgen loves to explore, test and challenge technology, to create new experiences.

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